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The Interactive Knee 3D Атлас Стойлера - колено.
17.11.2010, 13:43

Название: 3D Анатомия Interactive Knee

формат ISO

Категория: Программы

Общий размер: 240.64 MB

section correlates the 3-D full-color anatomical model to the multi-planar MRI data. The user can cut through orthogonal slices of the 3-D model in any plane, and label any feature or structure. The orthogonal view can be correlated to its source MRI.

The Interactive Knee скачатьс letitibit

The Interactive Knee скачать с depositfiles ч1

The Interactive Knee скачать с depositfiles ч2

The exceptional 3-D anatomical model on the Interactive Foot and Ankle is built from a full MRI data set of a cadaveric distal lower limb. It can be viewed layer by layer, bone to skin, including such features as attachment points, bony regions, and dermatomes.

Interactive Knee - 2009 release

Detailed information on Interactive Knee. Click here to download a pdf.

The Interactive Knee presents full knee anatomy in three dimensions. The model is based on a very high resolution interactively labeled MR. It is the ultimate educational, training and presentation resource for all those involved in knee surgery and rehabilitation.

Each 3D model can be fully rotated, every visible structure labeled and layers of anatomy added or removed. The disc also contains spectacular animations that feature a biomechanical model of the knee in 3D and coverage of surgical procedures which include ACL and PCL ligament reconstruction, meniscus tears and their repair.

The MRI section looks within the joint itself and compares MRI slices in 3 planes (axial, sagittal and coronal) with the equivalent slice through the 3D model in up to 21 slices.

What’s new in the 2009 version?

There is a new interface on all our new re-released titles, which is more intuitive and user-friendly. The new interface also allows you to make the view much larger, which was not possible in previous versions.

An additional view has been added of the popliteal fossa, which allows you to add or remove up to 14 layers and the multiple choice questions and quiz have been removed.

Explain injuries, conditions and treatments more effectively with this accurate visual tool.
Easily view and interact with 3D anatomy models using intuitive and interactive functions – rotate any view 360 degrees, add or remove layers of anatomy from skin to bone and label any visible structure
Save time looking for images – you have hundreds of stunning images and detailed information at your finger tips
Detailed List of Views

Overview of the knee
Knee- close up
Knee joint
Popliteal fossa
Tibial menisei
Surface features
Surface anatomy
Cutaneous distribution
Bone Regions
Anatomy Section

Link the 3D model with MRI scans in 3 planes (axial, sagittal, coronal) and move through 21 slices of both the model and the MRI.
19 dissection slides
91 axial MR cadaver of the knee
38 clinical slides
59 knee MR (in 3 planes)
Heat sensitive view of the ACL flexion, sagittal view
Heat sensitive view of the PCL in flexion, posterior view
ACL footprint
Flexion and extension of the knee according to four-bar linkage, fixed links
Lateral Collateral Ligament: motion in flexion-extension
Medial Collateral Ligament: motion in flexion-extension
Notch impingement
Patellofemoral joint in motion and patellar tracking
PCL footprint
Relative motion in patellar over full flexion, from above
Screw Home
Stabilizing role of the anterior cruciate ligament
Stabilizing role of the posterior cruciate ligament
Superimposed four-bar linkage: to follow joint flexion there are no fixed link lengths
Tibio-femoral joint motion: anterior view, patella removed
Tibio-femoral joint motion: medial view
"Quite simply this product is excellent. For anyone involved in orthopaedics, sport medicine or physiotherapy this product is simply a must.”

Dr. Michael Hughes, MiArt Technology & Club Doctor, Macclesfield Town FC

"..the video clips and illustrations certainly bring anatomy to life, and the imaging has proven helpful in broadening our understanding of scans and potential areas of tissue damage.”
Stephen Mutch, Chartered Physiotherapist to Scottish Rugby Union


Paul M. Aichroth
Vishy Mahadevan
Justin M. Harris
David W. Stoller, MD

Technical Specification

Single user licence

Format: DVD-ROM

PC and Mac compatible
Operating Systems:
Microsoft XP, Vista, Windows 7
Mac OSX 10.3, 10.4 , 10.5 , 10.6

Processor speed:1.5 GHz with 512 MB of RAM
Disk Space: 200 MB
Screen display: 1024 x 768 screen
DVD drive required

PRICE: $299.00

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